A world president

22.02.2010 23:51


Why there should be a world president


     Nowadays, we live in a world that is full of problems of different types. We have different problems like famine, corruption, poverty and militar conflicts in many countries of the world. Tha majority of these problems are solved by ONU but there are many times that problems are not solved in a good way because developed countries feel that they are superior than this ONU. Some people feel that there should be a world president for all the countries; as a result, there would not be more conflicts between countries about geography and another aspects. Although some people say that there should be a world president, I am totally convinced that the idea of having a world president is wrong.


     People who think that there should be a world president say that every problem of the world should be solved by one person, so every problem in the world can be solved in the same way with an effective solution. However, this idea could be almost imposible to happen because one person can not solve thousands of problems in one day by himself. On the other hand, if the world president solved problems in one part of the world first, the other part of the world would feel that there is a kind of preference for one part of the world.


     Supporters of having a world president feel that tthere shouldn’t be any difference between the people of the world because they think that people of different countries should respect the same laws, think in the same way, and have the same opportunities to develope their skills and get a better lifestyle. On the contrary, I strongly believe there are some ideologies that couldn’t be changed like religions. It is well known that different religions have different rules. Besides, problems from different countries are not the same because these problems can not be solved in an only way with the same laws.


     The final argument of supporters of having a world president is that developed countries could help poor countries, so they can improve their lifestyle. In addition, developed countries can receive people from other countries to get a better lifestyle because there would not be borders between the countries of the world. Nevertheless, this idea is good but it is imposible to apply in the real world because it would generate overpopulation in the richest countries of the world. Also, developed countries can not spend too much money in poor countries because they would start losing their money and resources.


     To conclude, the idea of having a world president is good in some aspects; however, it is imposible to be applied in the world because there would be too much work and stress for the president if olny only one person were pressident of all the world, some ideologies of people like religions are imposible to be changed, and there would be an overpopulation in the richest countries if we lived as an only nation. Furthermore, it is important to remember that although there is not way that there could be one president of the world, humans can get along with other humans without caring about their race, religion or part of the world where they came from.


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