A Worlwide language?

22.02.2010 23:16


A Worldwide Language?

     Nowadays, there are a lot of languages that are disappearing around all over the world because people are learning another language instead of their native language (This is not clear…because our native language is learnt naturally an the other is learnt in a different way, after a  decision :S). Recent documented records by the National Education Ministry indicate there are 746 indigenous languages in Indonesia, 10 of which have died out (Barrie); for instance. This statement illustrates the importance of taking care of our dialects. The issue of whether English should be the Universal language has opened a debated around the globe. It is an important issue because it might cause a lot of troubles to the worldwide population. Whereas a lot of people say that English should be the universal language; I am totally convinced that it shouldn’t be. I believe that each country should preserve its own mother tongue.

It is say that English is the world’s second largest native language, and the official language in 70 countries. English is widespread around the globe, and it is very understood even for students. However, if people focuses in English as their primary language, there would be some problems with the others countries’ identity. An example that illustrates this statement is if ( not sure )English becomes in the Universal Language, the other languages and aborigine languages probably would be forgotten; hence, English speakers will not be identified with their country due to the lack of using their dialect. When English becomes prevalent, it can over-ride native or mother tongue, sometimes destroying it forever.

According to many experts in linguistics, English is dominating today’s world and thus, disregard mostly minority language (English). Globalization has changed the entire world because in order to get a good job, you have to learn at least two or three languages, and people decide to learn English as their second tongue. However; such an argument ignores the fact that people will adopt and change completely the way of speaking, and that customs and traditions will probably lay on the memories of people due to the overuse of English. Furthermore, people will exclude their own native language and replace it with the Universal Language. Just imagine that. Don’t you think that it will be terrific?(terrific or terrible?

Since the Internet is becoming the most effective way to communicate overseas, more cultures are being forced to learn English (King). That is true; technologic is making our life easier, and the internet language is English. Even though, in some countries in Africa, the citizens are trying to make-do research on the internet, but they can not because their language is not found in the web. It is a pity (use a more formal word), so Africans (African people) have to learn English in order to study and work; as a consequence, they are forced to give priority to English. On the other hand, the share of the world’s population that speaks English as a native language is falling. The idea of English becoming the world language to the exclusion of others “is past its sell-by date (Graddol).

(There)It (should) be evidence that the arguments in favor of English (should) be the Universal Language is not good at all. Apart from it( ) is the internet’s language. If English becomes in the Universal Language, It would cause problems such as the lost of the citizens’ identity, the lost of customs, traditions, national’s stories and so on. Finally, English will not be the universal language because I realized and so people that if it becomes true, we won’t tolerate that because it in part it will attempt on our (identity-2nd time in a paragraph)  and then what(???). We are not having a particular identity. Therefore; in my opinion, each country should preserve their mother tongue.


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