Argumentative chart: Grades encourage students to learn

23.02.2010 00:32


A lot of people say that grades do not encourages students to learn.

However, I am convinced that Grades encourage students to learn

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

1.   Some people declare that students' confidence and interests may get hurt if they get unsatisfying marks in study.

1. Grades enable a person to encourage his\her ability.

1.1   The high marks show the knowledge which is well grasped, while the low grades reflect some parts you have to improve. When students get low grades; students lost the motivation needed to achieve studying.

1.1  A good example is when your are in the last year of elementary school, and a lot of students tend to relax; however, there are some students that like competing each other because of good grades that motivate themselves.

2.  Some teachers do not grade students because they seem that it is not necessary. They just grade students for assistant.

2.  Another equally essential fact is that student's competitive nature, which is inspired by marks, will at the same time stimulate learning more knowledge.

2.1 Teachers don’t punish students with the grades; they just give advices, and a good advice is making just a warming to students. Telling them that they are going bad. The change is all up to them.

2.1 That is true, take myself as an example, in my last year in elementary school, I used to do my homework, but something I didn’t understand the topic, so I realized that comparing homework and knowledge helps you to grow as an student.



























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