Automobile has caused serious problems

22.02.2010 23:49


Automobile has caused serious problems

Currently, there are many serious problems related to the environment such as pollution, global warning, and the green house effects. Contamination is caused by the use of resources such as petroleum, gas, and coal. Since we know that the automobile uses those kinds of resources, there is a debate about its pros and its cons. This is the reason why some people think that the automobile has improved modern life; however, some people and I think that the automobile has caused serious problems to our world.

Opponents think that the automobile has improved modern life because of two reasons. First of all, vehicles save time in many aspects. Quickly it became possible for people to travel more comfortably and conveniently to destinations near and far in the aspect of work; for example, in order to get early to work or to get time to a specific place, people use vans, buses, taxis, and their own vehicles. Besides, using vehicles save plenty of time; for instance, you are in a hurry, and you can get as fast as possible to your destination in just a few minutes. Second of all, vehicles make a substantial economic contribution. According to CNN factories, companies, corporations, stores use containers for transferring huge amount of merchandise from one point to their destination so that it creates employments to millions of people.

Despite the fact that automobile has made our lives a little comfortable, there are some effects that most people have not realized and these problems have created a great impact on the environment.


Some people and I claim that the automobile has caused a lot of troubles to people’s lives. While the global economic dependence has grown together with the automobile industry, many significant problems have surfed. The problem is how human beings have being using the vehicles. I assume that people are using vehicles in an excessive way, and I also infer the overuse of it is making the world suffer. According to National Geographic poster, the burn of petroleum, gas, and coal is creating a big cloud of carbon dioxide witch maintains the atmosphere warm. Finally, according to the statistics, people who use vehicles do not use the transit signals in a good way; as a result, it causes several accidents that sometimes cause the loss of human beings lives; for example, we can see every single day many car accidents.

In conclusion, the overuse of vehicles as transportation is creating a big change in the weather which is called “Global Warming”. As far as I am concerned, we should fight against this problem or at least we should change people’s mind in order to take conscious about the pollution that automobile has caused. With the help of ONG, poor countries could implement the transportation problem by providing drivers to use natural gas as fuel. If, this happens, we are about to save our world.