Bull fighting

24.02.2010 13:00

Bull fighting should not be banned

           Bull fighting is the most traditional of Spanish parties and it is considered as art forms which are intimately linked with their country’s history, art and culture. Although is very controversial, bull fighting is Spain’s oldest and best loved national sport. Since centuries ago there is a specific fair that some groups of people organize in our culture, also they are organized in the majority of cities that have Spanish customs. Moreover, some people like to see them wherever they have the opportunity. Even thought, some people want to disappear bull fights, many others attend to plazas every year in order to enjoy watching those bulls fighting.

          Animal’s protectors claim that those inoffensive bulls are hurted by swords and those animas do not do anything bad to suffer like this. However, some people say that those animals suffer wherever they are. The same is staying inside a plaza or outside because when bulls are taken to the place where there are going to be sacrificed, they stay together no matter if they kill themselves because of the horns. Furthermore, specialized people say that those kind of swords are not so bad, are not so big and of course do not make bulls any major damage during fights. In addition, people like to see this kind of fights; otherwise, they would not attend those parties. Thus, bulls are not inoffensive at all and the reason is that they have a wild life that makes them to attack whoever appears in from of them. (LIANG).

          Also animal protectors argue that some bull fighters are injured by bulls doing this work. However, many people believe that bull fighters are well and more prepared than we can imagine. Besides, they love and enjoy doing this kind of work because bull fighters feel that they are not just working since they are making an artistic and elegant work. During the bull fights, there are specialized doctors controlling bull fighters’ health and there are awake to help them in case of any emergency. Additionally, bull fighters are very strong and they believe that they have the capacity to face those animals and make an excellent fight in order satisfy the public.





          Finally animal’s protector say that bulls should not be taken as a play because it is cruel and brutal practice. However, they are in favor of some kind of play with other animals; an example of this is that pets are used by police, and they do not take care of them adequately and those pets work just to get their food (2). It could be cruel that bulls are killed in from of some children but it is matter of parents and the majority of them know that it is the end of those kinds of animals that have to be sacrificed. Furthermore, fighting with a bull is not cruel because bull fighters just try to dance with bulls and show us a nice performance.



          In summery, those animals are prepared to do this kind of work since they grow up in a brave environment. Also playing bull fighting is a custom that took place in Spain many some others in Europe. Besides that, bulls have to be sacrificed one or another way and we have to accept our reality. Therefore, in my opinion bull fighting are alternative of job for bull fighters and an enjoyment for people instead of doing bad things as drinking a lot and killing themselves.