Childhood is the best time in a person's life

23.02.2010 00:27




Childhood is the best time in a person's life

Adolescence is the best time in a person's life


1. Children do not have mayor reponsabilities.

1. Adolescence offers a ballance between the level of resposibility and amusement.


Since they are starting to grow up,the only things they must be concerned about is to play  and  study at the school.They do not care about work ,global warming and pay the bills,since those are issues for adults.

Adolescents'restrictions are reduced(coming back later from a party,for example),and they can go to more places alones,but the number an level of the things they must do is increased(study harder, walk carefully while being alone, etc)


2.Their vision of the world is the most optimistic

2. Adolencents have a more realistic view of life.


Knowing the world only through their few experiences out of the house and their parents' advices, the wolrd is safe and happy place to play for them.Having that idea makes them to develop theirselves without inhibitions and explore their entire potntential in the life.

Having grown up to reach a mid level of knowledge about life, adolescents are more concious of  the way to face different situation(if getting lost,looking for a police or asking a store's owner for a phone for example) and start to prepare for the future(job,university,etc.)


3.Children are plenty of energy.

3. It is the begin of long lasted relationships.


Having a good alimentation, children are capable to spend the whole day active because their mental charge is low jet and thir energy is not releasing in stresfull activities.

Most of closer friends start meeting each other as a classmate on high school or university, and even the futute bride or groom can knowing in a friend's meeting.


4. The learning ability is higher during childhood.

4. This is the only stage on life for practicing almost every sport.


Although the brain do not recevieve so much amount of information about  science, history, etc, it is like an sponge at this age, this fact and   hps/her inherited curiosity will make the child to learn and, most important, toremember the information and experience and those will form part of his/her future being.

When having enough time, adolescents can increase their skills practicing practically every sport like karate, tennis, swimmnig, maybe for become profesional,maybe for fun ,their bodies allows the adolescents enjoy those experiences.