Death Penalty

24.02.2010 12:50

Should the death penalty be mandatory for people that kill other people?


          There are many different ways of punishing the criminals and one of them is called death penalty. Death penalty is the execution of a person by judicial process a punishment for an offense that a person commit since this topic is very controversial I am sure that many people are in favor and others are against of death penalty. Although, a lot of people support death penalty, I am convinced that death penalty should be abolished.


                    Many death penalty supporters claim that only criminals are executed. However, there are innocent people who are wrongfully convicted due to faulty eyewitness identifications, false testimony, police misconduct, mishandled evidence, false confession, inept legal representation, and the personal prejudices of jurors. The reason why I am telling this is because there are many cases that innocents were executed and killed for mishandled evidence; and of course this is unfair for innocents and their families to be arrested for something that they did not commit.


          Other supporters agree that death penalty is just a punishment for murderers.  According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report and Bureau of Justice Statistics,  Criminals  get what they deserve since authorities must protect innocents because victims’ rights are more important than criminal’s rights However, according to Dr Goldenman opinions death penalty is consider an evil act because it is a cruel punishment. Thus, it is cruel to punish the victims with death because it tortures them. Moreover, I consider this statement truth since there are many other ways to punish the criminals. 


           To sum up, the death penalty is considered a barbaric way of punishment since many innocent people have been executed and killed without any reason. In my opinion, I am convinced that death penalty should be abolished because some innocent people are executed and convicted without any fault and of course this situation degrades us as a society.