English should be the universal language

23.02.2010 00:14


Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

English should be the universal language.


Language is one of the important things that we all share. Without a language people could not communicate, express their opinions or share ideas. Comunnication for everybody would be better if everyone speaks the same language, and currently with the development of globalization, some lesser-known languages are dying out every year. Even though others think that each country should preserve its own language, I believe that English should be the universal language.


1Opponents say that having a variety of languages is one of the richest things people have in our world. Replacing all languages to universal language is like taking a piece of their culture, traditions and history. Each language is unique and the beauty of each language could be lost because people will start using only one language and forget their national language. For example, in Spain there are other languages besides Spanish. Thirty years ago, dialects like Catalan were not allowed at school, and people were forced to speak only Spanish; as a result,  now people can learn this language at school together with Spanish, and they can now share their parents language and gain their identity.


Despite this argument by opponents that each country should preserve their own language, the development of English as a universal language is a fact that people can not deny because it is obvious that english is becoming a world language.


2Others strongly claim that having a global language would benefit communication in the contemporary world, especially with the sweeping trend of international trade. Besides, english is the dominant international language in communications, science, business, aviation, entertainment, radio and diplomacy. Also, English is the universal language on the internet. For instance, when we want to create a web page or download softwares, all the all instructions, procedures are in English. Furthermore, having a universal language will be easy to learn. Everybody at school will learn English and speak it correctly. For instance, I live in Peru and it would be easy to learn; for example, to learn only English at school, instead of learning Spanish, English, and others. 3Moreover, It would be for travel purposes. Tourists will be able to travel to any part of the world without having language difficulties. They would be understood, and they would understand other people. It is very necessary that every human being should have understanding of each other feelings, traditions, customs, races and above all religion, so the language that they can communicate must be the same.


In brief, we must balance all the advantages and disadvantages of creating a universal language. To have a universal language could be easy for everybody to learn, it could be beneficial for tourism but also some think each language represent each country’s culture and history.




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