High school students should be allowed to choose the courses they want

23.02.2010 00:17




High school should be allowed to choose the courses they want

Others think  high school should be allowed to choose the courses they wan.t

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

1. Students sometimes do not know what they want to be in the future; that is why, all the courses should be taken.

1.   Students' intrinsic motivation is profoundly boosted.  Most students select the course based on their interests and what they consider necessary to learn.

1.1.  They have to learn all subject for few years to have a possibility to choose some of them

1.1.   During my high school, I did not paid attention very enthusiastically especially in the classes which are out of my interests like biology.

2.  Moreover people need to have general knowledge about the world.

2.  Students invest their time more on perfecting their talented skill.

2.2.   It is good to know at least some basic things about everything.

2.2.   For instance, some students do not necessarily have to spend time struggling with mathematic problems.

3.   Maturity of the students is the main concern to the question.  The targets we are talking about are in the period of adolescence.  Without the experienced advice, they may not have the skills to determine what is beneficial for them.

3.  The next reason is that the students come from different family backgrounds.  Most of them are comfortable in studying the subjects related to their backgrounds.

3.1.  For instance, a student believes that he can become a successful violinist simply because he is the best player.

3.1.  For example,  the son of an engineer would like to be an engineer, the daughter of a doctor would also want to become a doctor