Television has destroyed communication among friend and family

24.02.2010 12:23



Do you agree or disagree with the following statements



Television has destroyed communication among friend and family


First of all, the television is one of the greatest inventing in the human history. This invent consist on an electric tool capable of showing video and audio on real time, that can be transmitted from a television channel. Also we can play video-cassette and on recent times DVD-movies. More than the television the real problem can be the content that the person can choose to watch.


People often watch TV at home with their family, so TV is not a reason of destroying communication among family’s members. In contrast with, TV helps to bring members of family to be closer. They sit and watch TV together. It is the good time for communicating and sharing both sadness and happiness. For example, because of my busy daily works, I dream about having that cozy time with my family and I love it.


In my point of view, television gathered families together. Television provides many programs that family members can watch and have a good time together. For example, when parents and their children watch movies or cartoons at home, they can share their opinions with each other. Furthermore, parents may educate their children and point out which is right or wrong from the content. Thus, television can assist family member to communicate in a positive way.


Another reason is that we can realize and adapt to the needs of society. While watching televisions, we get lots of useful information. Obviously, how can we know what is happening these days without watching televisions? Since televisions have faster transmission speed than newspapers, more visual effect than radios, they are the best implement of getting important information about the society.

Television has not destroyed communication among friend and family


Violence is a major part of today’s television shows and movies that are targeted towards our youth. Violence is increasing regularly in the television shows kids are watching: “ Fifty-seven percent of television programs contain psychologically harmful violence” (Kaufman 1). Through heavy television watching, children can encounter many violent shows that are not suited for them. This can affect a child in many ways. Author John Leo explains that “Children who are heavy viewers of television are more aggressive”(Leo 29). Children, especially young, are not ready to distinguish right from wrong. When their favorite action hero is beating up a bad guy, kids think that it is all right. At a young age a kid will envy a character on television and will have ...

Although television seems like a great thing to have, it has its drawbacks. Television can negatively affect people, particularly kids. Numerous studies and surveys have proven just how much television can be a bad influence on our youth. Many kids become violent, have severe psychological effects, and become very unhealthy. Once thought as a great invention, television has become a major problem.





Technology has made the world a better place to live


Technology as we all know has changed the way we live our life. Every thing around us was developed by a technological advantage. Medicine, communication and industry are some areas with an amazing growing in the last ten years. As well as the technology made the world a better place to live, the cost of our comfort and easiness is high for the environment.


Technology has made our lives easier and convenient to an extent where we can even live peacefully without such inventions. For example, we don't have to go anywhere to convey a message across any corner of the world with the invention of computer and internet. Without these inventions, we may have to not reached the heights of development where we are currently. Clearly, we have now technology involved nearly in every aspect of life ranging from entertainment to war.


Technology has not made the world a better place to live


Technology, however, has certain disadvantages which can not be controlled easily. Nuclear weapons and deadly amours can remove the sign of an entire nation within no time. Nevertheless, the cooperative global efforts and a matured understanding among nations and their leader can reach a consensus to avoid using such weapons of mass destruction. Also, technology should not be used for technology's sake. Many times people become so obsessed with the technology that they forget its real purpose of convenience and safety.


Technology results some serious problems which make us distrust it completely. Environment pollution is a issue caused by technology apparently. For example, building more factories leads to more air pollution and water pollution. Besides, its noise really disturbs the residents who live around the factories.

With the assistance of machines more and more people became unemployed. And this issue may give a bad influence on the security of the society.