There is nothing that young people can teach to older people

23.02.2010 00:28


There is nothing that young people can teach to  There are many things that young people                                                                          

older people                                                                   can teach to older people


1.      Young people lack experience.                     1. Young people is updated with the current

Because the older know more about life        information. Young people receives their

than the younger. For example, older              education based in the latest standars of     

people know more places in the city(or           knowledge, so they can easily overpass

in the country) and know what places              the level of instruction older people have

are recommendable to go in group(for            easily,without mention the fact that the

security)and where it isn’t necessary ,             youngsters can learn faster than  older

and how to react to different situations.         people.   

2.      Older people have a higher level of             2.Young people are better using technology.

instruction. Youngsters haven’t finished         Since they grow up with the devices like

their education and they do not have             computer,is easy for young people to use

the knowledge the older have.                         them,but even when older people learn

3.       Older people know more about the               how the devices work,they barely van

history, economy and cultures in the              use those devises properly.

country. Young people haven’t experi-       3. Young people know more about modern

mented the history of the country as the        cultures. There are new ways to enjoy the    

older, so youngsters can make a mistake        life that even older people can use, but

that is considered for olders as a repeti-         they just ignore them .For example,

tion of a common fail.                                          teaching grandfather to play computer

4.      Older people conserve good manners.             games.

Currently, young people act without           4. Youngsters can increase the options that

preoccupations and their way of inter-            older people have about a topic.

acting with others  and there are cases           Taking movies as an example, the new

in which they act like criminals; on the            trends that can be disagreeable for older.

contrary, olders keep the modals for               people canbe accepted if young people

they were born in a more quiet age.                explains the goodpoint of them.

5.      Older people is more responsible than       5.Young people is more motivated to face

        younger people .Since they must sup-           the life than the  older people is.

        port their families, older people have  a        Because older people has achieved most

        higher level of responsibility than the            of their goals, they have a job with a pay

        younger people, who are in most of the       enough to support the family and they life 

        cases single and do not have to care               day by day rutinarely, they become bored

        about others being well.                                    But youngsters are motivated because

                                                                                 their lives are starting and want to learn